The Heartbreaking Truth: Animal Abandonment

Pets are incredible.  Our lives are happier and more complete with the companionship and love our pets provide us.  Pets are a responsibility, though.  Please, take into consideration all that comes with owning an animal before welcoming one into your home.

Shelters and rescue organizations are overflowing with pets.  The top 5 reasons animals are placed into shelters are:

  1. Lack of Training
  2. Life Style Changes (Divorce, Having a baby, etc.)
  3. Moving
  4. Not Enough Time for a Pet
  5. Cost of Ownership (which ties into the #6 reason: Health Issues)

10887490_772438506181108_6249506044323657917_obThese animals are not “bad”.  They were just in bad situations.  If your family is ready to welcome a furry, feathered, or scaly member into it, please, consider adopting through your local shelter or favorite rescue organization before supporting large breeding operations.  Adoptable animals are so full of love and just waiting to join a family who is ready for them.

How can we help?

Any of our highly trained veterinarians are happy to set up a consultation with you to discuss what to expect with animal ownership.  Also, Mission Animal and Bird Hospital offers a complimentary Wellness Plan, for one year, to ANY recently adopted dog or cat!  Our annual Wellness Plan will set you up with unlimited visits (including late night emergency visits!), vaccinations, fecal tests, and more!  Our goal is to help ensure that the transition into your family is a healthy one.

What can you do?

Do research before getting a pet!  Make sure that you research the species and breed you are considering.  Certain behavioral traits are genetically passed within a breed; make sure the common behavioral traits of the breed you are considering will fit into your family and lifestyle. For example, a high energy Jack Russell Terrier may not be the best breed for someone with a very sedentary life style. Did you know that certain breeds are prone to different medical conditions?   The health care team at Mission Animal & Bird Hospital can advise you as to what medical conditions and behaviors each breed and species are prone to.  Make sure you are prepared and know what to look for to keep your pet healthy.  Also, consider the animal’s life span; some birds and reptiles can live over 70 years of age!

Get pet insurance!  Financial concerns are the number one limitation we see when medical issues arise.  Medical issues are stressful enough without having to juggle finances.  At Mission Animal and Bird Hospital we recommend Trupanion Pet Insurance for our patients.  Don’t let your finances determine the level of care your beloved pet receives.

Get regular wellness exams for your pet!  Wellness exams are vitally important when it comes to keeping your pet healthy.  Our veterinarians are trained to catch symptoms early on through physical examination and regular blood work.  On average a dog or cat between the ages of 1-7 years old should see a veterinarian once a year.  Since our furry family members age about seven times faster than us, once a dog or cat is over 7 years old they are considered a senior and should begin seeing their veterinarian twice a year.  Regular veterinary visits can help prevent “surprise” health issues and can prolong your pet’s life.

Start training early!  Behavioral issues are preventable!  Getting your puppy or newly adopted dog into a training class will help you on many levels.  Not only will your pup understand proper manners and learn the difference between your shoes versus a new chew toy but, their bond with you will deepen and make your relationship much stronger and more fulfilling.  Our veterinary hospital works with a select few, highly experienced dog trainers.  We would love to set up a behavioral discussion with one of our veterinarians who can recommend the appropriate trainer for your family.11034346_804982306260061_2541284340368248823_ob

Remember that pet ownership is a choice.  It is not a fad or a spur of the moment event.  It is a life you are choosing to take responsibility for. If you choose to bring a loving, wonderful animal into your family, please, intend on doing so for its whole life.

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