Soft Tissue Surgery

Soft Tissue Surgery

Soft tissue surgery refers to any surgery that doesn’t involve bone

The most common soft tissue surgery performed at Mission Animal & Bird Hospital is the removal of masses or lumps.

Most of these, once removed and tested, are benign (non-harmful). However, they can be more serious – and the earlier you remove and diagnose such a problem, the better your pet’s chances are for a long, happy life.

Lacerations – cuts and wounds – are also common in pets, and suturing (stitching) them reduces the chance of infection, improves healing time, and reduces scarring.

In some animals, the cornea (outer layer of the eye) may be damaged by the eyelid hairs surrounding the eye. Surgical intervention to adjust the eyelid angle helps these animals be more comfortable, as well as reducing the chances of corneal scarring and enhancing the animal’s vision.

Many breeds of dogs are susceptible to ear infections. Surgical treatment on ears improves air flow into the ear canal and can reduce the occurrence of ear infections. 

Tearing in your pet’s eyes can mean an infection is present or it may be a sign the cornea (outer layer of the eye itself) has been damaged. A damaged cornea may require soft tissue surgery to allow the cornea to heal faster with less scarring. Less scarring will improve the ability of your pet to see.