Our Mission, Vision and Principles

Our Vision

MABH 01d Front DeskOur deepest commitment is to continue developing our world-class, full-service veterinary hospital, consistently exceeding the expectations of our clients in providing superior veterinary care for their beloved furred, feathered, and scaled family members.

In combining the skills, experiences, talents, and caring of our team, we deliver care that’s the standard to which other veterinary hospitals aspire.

Our practice is devoted to preserving and improving the quality of life of the animals, birds, and reptiles our hospital serves, and our health-care team is dedicated to long-term pet health care and peace of mind for the pet owners and caregivers who are our clients.

We provide complete, progressive veterinary and supportive care to our patients and their owners in an efficient and sympathetic manner.  Our hospital is a learning center within which we educate the public, including children, on responsible pet ownership, pet health care, the human-companion animal bond, and ecological issues that affect us all.

We encourage a learning environment that stimulates our veterinary teams to elevate pet care to new heights.  Our vision is of a veterinary practice built by motivated people who are committed to making a difference in the ways that veterinary medicine and pet care are provided to the pet’s family members.

Every one of our highly-devoted and talented veterinarians, nursing staff, client service representatives, and pet care specialists is expected to make a difference – and to share in our financial success.


Our Mission Statement

Our goal is to become the premier provider of veterinary medical care in the North County area.

We will do this by offering superior customer service and excellent patient care for the pet owner’s four legged and feathered family members.

Our caring and trained team of animal health care professionals will provide a complete range of medical, surgical, dental and ancillary services. We will always strive to exceed the pet’s caregiver’s expectations.

Promoting, fostering, and celebrating the human-animal bond, along with client education, will be keys to our success.

Our Guiding Principles

frontshotverticalThere are four stakeholders in our veterinary hospital.

– The pet
– The pet’s owner and caregiver
– The hospital staff
– The practice owner

We provide excellence and quality in all that we do.  We set high standards and do not compromise our ideals.  We understand that the pursuit of excellence is a journey, and we encourage our team to challenge all assumptions and seek constant improvement in all that we do.

We are a learning organization where our team can achieve true excellence as they expand their knowledge and skills to the highest levels possible, providing for every patient’s health and comfort by offering high-quality, full-service, empathetic care.

We cultivate long-term client relationships, providing peace of mind and exceptional value for our clients by providing a lifetime of excellent, complete pet health care.  We are an advocate for the pet, and we do everything possible to ensure every pet in our care receives the highest-quality care available.  We listen and empathetically respond to our clients’ needs.  We understand that our clients’ experience of our performance determines the value they place on our services.  By exceeding their expectations, we create strong client loyalty.

We recognize and respect the personal worth of every employee, and they participate directly in the success of our hospital.  We provide a fun, enjoyable, high-performing team environment with career opportunities that are well-compensated.  Our culture is based on learning, personal growth, and continual improvement.

None of us is as smart as the whole.  Every position within the team is essential to the whole, and to our overall success.  Our team is built on mutual respect, integrity, honesty, and open lines of communication.

We celebrate each others’ accomplishments, recognizing and supporting a job well done. Each team member accepts personal ownership of problems as well as success, and we work together to find solutions.  We set no limits, recognizing that the team has the flexibility and capability to handle any situation in a productive and proactive manner.