Our Mascot

Lucy – our Avian Greeter and Ambassador

lucyambassadorLucy the Cockatoo

Lucy is a 23-year-old Umbrella Cockatoo.

She came to us as an adoption bird when her caregiver fell ill and wasn’t able to take care of her in the manner she deserved. Lucy was struggling with depression because of all the upheaval in her life, and had plucked most of her feathers out.

She was shy and fearful when she first arrived, but has blossomed into a loving and affectionate bird!  She spends her days greeting our clients and trying to convince even the most skeptical non-bird people that birds are the greatest thing on earth!

She’ll sidle up and reach for you if you give her even the slightest encouragement, and she happily lets even the smallest child stroke her beautiful new feathers.

She works hard as our greeter, and so occasionally gets to take a vacation and enjoy a slumber party with her other mom Carol Flores.

Stop by and let Lucy show you how wonderful birds can be!